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Know where to focus with an action plan

You want to deliver effective presentation with or without PowerPoint, this is the place to be. You want to be an entertaining and persuasive speaker, this is the place to be. You want to improve your presentations skills, this is the place to be. 

30 steps to prepare yourself for a successful presentation - just click on one of the steps below for more information


How to improve your communication skills


How to design efficient slides


How to build the content of your slides


How to prepare the oral speech


How to present in front of the audience


How should you start your presentation


How knowing the audience can help prepare the speech 


How you can customize your template to build your slides


Tips on how best you can produce your presentation contents


How can you structure best the timings on each subjects


Decide how many slides you should show for your presentation


How to structure and sketch the slides of your presentation


Tips and best practices to prepare the oral speech with either a story, a joke, an example per slide


Think how you can build both your handouts and presentation slides


Insert images and videos into your presentation slides


How to build the hand out


How to prepare the note cards which can help you to present in front of an audience 


How can you rehearse, rehearse and rehearse


How preparing yourself mentally can help you master your presentation


How practising few physical exercises can help you releive the stress just before starting the presentation


Decide of the set up of the room to your advantage


How introducing the agenda and yourself to the participants in advance can help you during the presentation


Test the material presentation like Presenter View mode well in advance


Plan when you will rehearse in order to handle your fear of speaking in front of the public : "Yes I can do it"


How can you welcome the participants


How can you move your body during a presentation


How can you connect to different types of people during your presentation, and speak to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic people


How you can vary your voice, tone, intonation to keep the attention of the audience


How planned stories, jokes, questions (open and close) can help you during the presentation 


How to close the presentation




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